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I’m Morine, the designer and maker behind Morine’s Shop. Morine’s Shop is a crochet and craft enthusiast blog where I share my products for sale, inspiration, education & patterns for makers of all skill levels.

Since starting my creative business, I’ve been committed to exploring the world of crochet and I’m excited to share my discoveries with you. Stick around for crochet tips and tricks, articles on wellness, and features from other creative entrepreneurs.

About Morine of Morine's Shop

Ready to join a colletive of other craft enthusiasts? I’d love to get to know you and maybe even collaborate!

Meet Morine.

Morine crocheting

A little about me. My Mama taught me to crochet as a child and I’ve built up on it over the years to the point where I am designing and publishing my own patterns.

My projects are bright, bold and beautiful ranging from cute amigurumi, to gorgeous granny square designs! I can’t wait for you to get your hooks into these patterns. And if you don’t crochet, order one of these lovely toys from the duka!

My goal is to spread my love for the craft through colourful and fun designs and makes. Follow me on my listed sites, or just pop over and say hi; I love making new friends.

Why Morine’s Shop is different


WE’RE JUST AS OBSESSED WITH QUALITY AS WE ARE DESIGN | …which means we make design decisions based off of aesthetics and durability. The result? An item that speaks to you.


MORINE’S SHOP DOESN’T START OR STOP WITH THE BLOG AND STORE | We also offer wellness tips every body should know about including the awesome Takeaway Tuesday straight to your inbox.


INCLUSIVE SPACE IS KIND OF OUR THING | We offer this space for other voices to be heard and for people learn more about other makers.

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