Crochet Christmas Wreath- A Free Pattern by Morine's Shop

Crochet Christmas Wreath.

Ever start making one thing and end up with something totally different at the end? You’re not alone. That’s what happened to me here. I was making my Bantu Knots Teether (pattern coming soon) and ended up making this Crochet Christmas Wreath instead. Pattern. Materials: Worsted weight yarn in the colours green and white 3.5mm …

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Intarsia Crochet Tutorial.

In preparation of the Intarsia cushion covers that I’m releasing in a week, I thought I’d write a post on Intarsia crochet tutorial which includes all the tips, tricks and basically everything you should know. A little about intarsia crochet. Intarsia crochet is a great technique that allows you to use multiple yarn colours in …

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Peas in a pod hat- A free crochet baby hat pattern by Morine's Shop

Peas in a Pod Hat.

Hello lovelies!! Another week, another pattern; The Peas in a Pod Hat, the second preemie hat I designed. At the time, I wanted to make cute preemie hats for donation and after browsing through the web, I noticed that there isn’t that much variety in crochet preemie hats as with other crochet baby hat sizes. …

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Crochet eye applique pattern

Crochet Eye Applique.

After sharing my Karura Walk post, a lot of people made comments about the hoodie I had on and were even more excited to find out that the eye at the back was actually crocheted. As requested I’m sharing the crochet eye applique pattern for free below. Inspiration behind the pattern. The  inspiration for this …

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