How to become a Crochet Pattern Tester for Morine’s Shop

Do you crochet? Are you looking for brand new patterns to try? Morine's Shop is currently accepting applications for crochet pattern tester.

You don’t have to be an experienced crocheter to be a pattern tester for Morine’s Shop. Crocheters of all levels, from beginner to experienced are welcome to apply as testers.

Who is a pattern tester?

A pattern tester is someone who is picked from a pool of applicants to receive a crochet or knit pattern early. Their job is to crochet or knit the pattern while checking for spelling, grammatical and mathematical errors. It may be a paid position but most testers are on volunteer basis.

I am looking for testers of various skill levels – beginner to advanced crocheters for amigurumi, regular and Tunisian crochet.

Enjoy making Macho the Owl using this free crochet owl amigurumi pattern. Macho is a fun and quirky project to make perfect for play time.

What will you be doing as a pattern tester here?

After drafting a new crochet pattern, I’ll need you to crochet it and report back any issues. The list is specific to each pattern and will be outlined during the call for testers. Generally, what I expect is:

  1. Communication – Is there anything more (or less) the pattern could use e.g. pictures, tutorials etc.? If you feel that you may not be able to complete testing by the deadline, please let me know as soon as possible
  2. Promotion – I will be grateful if you are able to promote my patterns on your social media.
  3. Social media– I’d like you to share your finished products on social media. Instagram, Facebook and/or Reddit are my top 3 but you can share anywhere where you’re most active
  4. Ravelry– create a project on Ravelry with at least one good quality picture with a focus on the pattern

Together, we will ensure that the pattern is in great shape before the official release.

Do you crochet? Are you looking for brand new patterns to try? Morine's Shop is currently accepting applications for crochet pattern testers

Is there compensation?

As mentioned above, testing is mostly on volunteer basis. The same applies to crochet pattern testers for Morine’s Shop patterns. However, I know the time and dedication it takes to test a pattern and therefore offer a compensation package, which includes:

  1. one FREE Morine’s Shop pattern (your choice) out of The Store
  2. the final copy of the pattern you’re testing (once finalized)
Crochet your very own Gratitude Granny Square Blanket using this free pattern that gives a warm and cozy look to the classic granny blanket #GrannySquareBlanket #CrochetBlanket #CrochetThrow #GrannySquare #GrannySquarePattern

Still interested in testing?

Please fill out this form if you would like to test for Morine’s Shop. It’s a few questions that help filter through Testers and pinpoint the perfect fit based on the test specifics. You will receive your first email as soon as a need arises.

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