Crochet your very own Gratitude Granny Square Blanket using this free pattern that gives a warm and cozy look to the classic granny blanket #GrannySquareBlanket #CrochetBlanket #CrochetThrow #GrannySquare #GrannySquarePattern

One of the things that made me fall in love with crochet was how magical the whole process was. Something about the rhythm of the hook and watching the project grow, row by row.

This was one of the reasons I asked my Mama to teach to how to crochet. I ended up making a bunch of dish cloths, wonky as they might have been.

Over the years, I’ve build up on my knowledge of crochet but one thing stays the same. You want to be able to create gorgeous items for yourself or family without all the stress, you want more impact and less headache!  

So that’s what you get at Morine’s Shop- unique and colourful crochet items, tutorials and printables, so you can create meaningful products!

Morine of Morine's Shop

I’m Morine and crochet is my thing!

I’ve been crocheting for over 20 years and I’m a full time blogger that specializes in combining my knowledge of crochet with design to create crochet items, tutorials and digital products that are currently helping other crocheters. 

Crochet is my FAVE and my passion is to create designs and tutorials that are fun, colourful and perfect for all skill levels!