Donut Bear is a free crochet amigurumi pattern modification. It contains all the details needed to transform the original pattern linked.

Bear Hybrid Series: Donut Bear.

Can you believe that we’re already in week 3 of the Bear Hybrid Series? This week’s bear is Donut Bear . Makes you crave a delicious treat, doesn’t it? To read up more on the Bear Hybrid Series and the inspiration behind it, visit week one’s post. The modification is based off of the Donato …

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Bear hybrid series: Rainbow Bear by Morine's Shop

Bear Hybrid Series: Rainbow Bear

Behind the bear Hybrid Series. Over the course of the next several weeks, I’m going to share the details involved in modifying the Donato Bear into different Bear Hybrids with a touch of Morine Flair, starting with the Rainbow Bear . A while back, I wanted to make toys for donation and that meant looking …

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Crochet Half Hexagon- A free tutorial by Morine's Shop

How To Crochet A Half Hexagon

So, you’ve crocheted your hexagons, joined them to make a blanket but it’s a bit too geometric for your taste. That’s where these crochet half hexagons come into play. You’ll notice that there are two sides of your blanket with shallow valleys and another two sided with really deep ones. This tutorial will teach you …

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How to crochet around a ring

How To Crochet Around a Ring

Ever wanted to crochet a Christmas ornament or one of those cute teethers but got intimidated when you found out you had to crochet around a ring? You’re not alone. It was daunting for me too at the beginning but there is really nothing to it. Pin It Now, Read It Later. There are a …

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