Adding Flair to the Ordinary.

Hey you! Welcome to my corner of the net. I’m a big believer in using what you have- and if you’re ready to make unique and meaningful crochet items with well-known and loved stitches, you’re in the right place.

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A free crochet Christmas tree pattern perfect for using as a garland, ornament or present decoration. You'll love how fast this tree works up!
In this detailed step-by-step photo tutorial, I'll be showing you how to join your crochet motifs using the flat slip stitch seam technique.
Enjoy making Blinky the Owl using this free crochet owl amigurumi pattern. Blinky is a fun and quick project to make perfect for play time.

Hi there! I’m Morine.

Hi there, I'm Morine. I am the designer, maker, content creator and basically everything behind Morine’s Shop. 

I’m the creator, designer and everything in between at Morine’s Shop.

My blog caters to yarn lovers with patterns, tutorials & African Crafters Features- Shuhuda: Our Stories- on the Lifestyle Section of the blog.

I value mental health so you’ll also find the occasional tips on how to manage the pressures involved with crafting.

My mission is pretty simple- to help you make unique, meaningful items with my colourful patterns & tutorials.

I’m all about adding flair to the ordinary.

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