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These links go along with your chronological daily bible reading. The main focus of this CAL is on reading the Bible.

These links go along with your chronological daily bible reading. The main focus of this CAL is on reading the Bible. You can find out more about it on the Through the Bible CAL post.

Before you click on those, here are links to videos that I have found really helpful and encouraging no matter which point I’m at with my readings:

  1. What do I do when I fall behind on my Bible readings?
  2. I have a question about something I read
  3. How do I feed my joy in Jesus daily?
  4. I’m losing my fire to read the Word daily. What should I do?

Day 1:

Video: The Messiah in the Torah

Day 4:

Song: Though You Slay Me

Day 10:

Video: The Bible Answers Your Questions About It

Day 16:

Video: Abraham and the Torch

Day 30:

Song: Holy Ground

Day 32:

Article: What was the meaning and purpose of the 10 plagues of Egypt?


Article: Were the 10 Biblical Plagues Real?

Day 58:

Article: The Choice of Hobab

Day 62:

Song: My Portion

Video: The LORD Is My Portion

Day 68:

Article: Review of the Exodus

Day 83:

Article: What is the Importance of Gilgal in the Bible?

Article: The Meaning of Gilgal

Day 85:

Article: Promised Land Map

Day 86:

Video: Joshua 16-18 Commentary

Day 89:

Article/ Audio: Will the Next Generation Know?

Day 99:

Song: Ebenezer

Song: Come Thou Fount

Day 105:

Song: Psalm 34

Day 108:

Song: The LORD Is My Salvation


Day 110:

Article: What are the Songs of Ascent?

Day 112:

Song: Psalm 19

Day 114:

Song: Psalm 45 (Fairest of All)

Day 116:

Song: Psalm 73

Day 122:

Video (1 of 3): Unity is the Church’s Perfume

2 of 3 Video: Christian Unity is a Precious Gift

3 of 3 Video: Don’t Rebuild Walls Christ Tore Down

Day 134:

Song: Create In Me

Video: The Blessedness of Forgiveness

Day 153:

Video: Solomon’s Song of Songs Celebrating God’s Design for Marriage

Video: Song of Solomon Commentary


Article: Do not awaken love

Day 154:

Video: Studies in Proverbs

Day 162:

Video/ Article: What is God’s Glory?

Day 164:

Video: Love of the Stranger

Video: Loving the Stranger: Awakening and Hospitality

Day 165:

Song: His Mercy is More

Song: Have Mercy on Me

Day 191:

Hymn: Hark! The Voice of Jesus Crying

Day 195:

Audio/ Article: Blessed are the Merciful

Day 207:

Song: Nothing to Fear

Day 208:

Song: Showers of Blessing

Day 209:

Song: Lord of Hosts (Psalm 46)

Day 283:

Video: Being Salt and Light

Day 307:

Song: Light of the World

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