Crochet Size Charts Crocheters Should Have, with free eBook

Crochet size charts are a handy thing to have. We'll cover blanket sizing, abbreviations, US/UK conversions and more in this quick guide #SizeChart #CrochetHookSize #CrochetBlanket #CrochetHatSize #CrochetAbbreviations

Crochet size charts are a handy things to have whether you are a beginner or experienced crocheter. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the crochet size charts you’ve got to have in your possession. The charts provided here are just a summary. For the detailed crochet size charts, download the free eBook- My Handy Crochet Guide- over at the Resources Library

1. Crochet abbreviations chart

Although not technically a crochet size chart, crochet abbreviations are the back bone of crochet. Whether you’re diving into a new pattern or writing your own, it’s always helpful to have some of the most common crocheting abbreviations handy. Generally, abbreviations are given at the beginning of a book or pattern. However, it’s always good to familiarize yourself with terms used in crochet.

YoYarn overSl stSlip stitch
MCMain colourTchTurning chain
CCContrasting colourScSingle crochet
RepRepeatHdcHalf double crochet
RSRight sideDcDouble crochet
WSWrong sideTrTreble/ triple crochet
BLOBack loop onlyDecDecrease
FLOFront loop onlyIncIncrease

2. Crochet US/ UK conversions chart.

I’ve been crocheting for a really long time. When I started exploring with crochet patterns, imagine my confusion when I realized that  US and UK basic stitches, although the same, are called different names. That means there’s one set of basic stitches worldwide but there are two sets of names for them. You will want to know whether a pattern uses US or UK terms before starting it, and having this chart won’t hurt either.

Slip stitch (sl st)Slip stitch (ss)
Single crochet (sc)Double crochet (dc)
Half double crochet (hdc)Half treble crochet (htr)
Double crochet (dc)Treble crochet (tr)
Treble/ triple crochet (tr)Double treble crochet (dtr)
Back post double crochet (bpdc)Raised treble crochet back (rtrb)
Front post double crochet (fpdc)Raised treble crochet front (rtrf)
Skip (sk)Miss
Yarn over (yo)Yarn over hook (yoh)
Crochet size charts are a handy thing to have. We'll cover blanket sizing, abbreviations, US/UK conversions and more in this quick guide #SizeChart #CrochetHookSize #CrochetBlanket #CrochetHatSize #CrochetAbbreviations

3. Crochet hook conversion chart

Crochet hook sizing is important. However, just like basic crochet stitches, how hook sizes are indicated may vary. Below, I will show you all the US sizes of hooks, and their Metric and UK equivalents in the crochet size hook conversion chart.

2 mm-144.5 mm-7
2.25 mmB/1135 mmH/86
2.5 mm-125.5 mm1/95
2.75 mmC/2116 mmJ/104
3 mm-116.5 mmK/10.53
3.25 mmD/3107 mm-2
3.5 mmE/498 mmL/110
3.75 mmF/5-9 mmM/1300
4 mmG/6810 mmN/15000

4. Hat sizing chart.

This isn’t just a sizing chart with a few measurements – it explains how to size crochet hats, crochet hat size formula, recommended number of stitches to begin your round and 11 different size guidelines based on age. These measurements are geared for people of various ages. A little detail goes a long way! (Bonus, they can be helpful for making headbands, too.) You can read the full blog post on How to size your crochet hats like a pro.

Learn how to size your crochet hat based on your tension so they fit no matter the hook or yarn size you're working with. #CrochetHatSizing #CrochetBeanieSizing #CrochetBeanie #CrochetHat #CrochetFreePrintable

5. Blanket size chart.

Spread some warm and snuggly goodness with perfectly sized blankets for preemies, babies and children. You’ll also find the sizes for lap blankets (often used in nursing homes) as well as twin, double, queen and king size beds.

TypeSize L x W (in inches)
Lovey12 x 12
Stroller30 x 36
Receiving40 x 40
Crib40 x 60
Baby/ Child42 x 54
Lapghan40 x 48
Throw52 x 60
Twin60 x 90
Queen90 x 96
King108 x 96

Crochet blanket patterns to try out:

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Did you enjoy learning about the different crochet charts?  I’d love to see your creations using some of these measurements!  Please share your projects with me on Instagram.

And remember to get all the charts, visit the Resources Library.  To learn more stitch patterns, please visit the tips and tutorials section of the blog.

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Crochet size charts are a handy thing to have. We'll cover blanket sizing, abbreviations, US/UK conversions and more in this quick guide #SizeChart #CrochetHookSize #CrochetBlanket #CrochetHatSize #CrochetAbbreviations
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