Self-Care Tips For Creatives with free PDF Workbook

Self-care tips for dealing with creator burnout packed with simple, practical ideas for when you need some TLC! Take some time for you #SelfCare #SelfCareTips #MindfulMaker #Mindfulness #MentalHealth

Having practical self-care tips is crucial, especially as an artist. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to practicing self-care? For me, it’s always been embracing self-care practices into my daily routine. As an entrepreneur, a sister and full-time day aunt to my niece means I’m always needed somewhere. Caring for myself gets lost in all the things that have to get done until finally, my body says no more!

Most crafters I know of experience creator burnout a couple of times every year. Although burnout is unique to the person experiencing it, there’s always a pattern that leads to it. All the good intentions of self-care tips and practices get tossed out the window when faced with deadlines.

Self-care tips for dealing with creator burnout packed with simple, practical ideas for when you need some TLC! Take some time for you #SelfCare #SelfCareTips #MindfulMaker #Mindfulness #MentalHealth

One of my goals a few months back after my last creator burnout was to make an effort in my self-care routine. To do that, I had to dig deep and find out the cause of my burnout. After this, I came up with a list on how to build a sustainable routine for my creative work. And to be honest, they’re not that difficult to do. I hope that you can start incorporating some of these self-care tips into your routine. Subscribe below to get Crafting Your Life Workbook.


Self-care tips for dealing with creator burnout

Self-care tip #1- Have goals and a self-growth plan

Small goals are great for making progress. You are more likely to accomplish “big” goals if you split them into smaller ones. For instance, if your goal is to stay healthy, swap a cup of coffee for a cup of water, go for a 10 minute walk or do at least one healthy meal a day to start.

Don’t try to change everything at once- you’ll feel overwhelmed. Focus on building one good habit at a time.

Self-care tip #2- Spend more time alone

Though it may seem intimidating to some, alone time can help you get to know yourself better. This includes time to rest, reflect or just let your mind wander.


Not having any outside influences gives you the freedom to truly explore your own feelings. This also extends to your online habits. Some apps and social media platforms exhaust you more than they inform you. Put away your device and focus on yourself.

Self-care tip #3- Perfectionism is not self-improvement

A lot of us need to practice more self-compassion. In other words, we tend to be hard on ourselves. Learn to celebrate small victories and achievements so you can stay inspired. Taking a break, being unproductive or just having a good cry- as my niece has taught me- is sometimes okay too.

Self-care tip #4- Practice gratitude

Make gratitude a part of your daily routine. Working on my Gratitude Granny Square Blanket is really helping with this. Each day, I crochet a granny square while meditating on all I’m thankful for. It doesn’t have to be a classic granny square for you. You can crochet a solid granny square or a hexagon or even choose to skip crocheting all together and just write down things you are grateful for.

Self-care tip #5- Strengthen your relationships

Free up some time in your schedule to spend time with your partner, friends or family. Some relationships are more challenging than others but they all need nurturing.

Don’t resist to look for support in groups of people in similar situations to yours either. Intentionally connect with other creators and build a support system for each other.


Self-care tip #6- Never stop learning, but please delegate!

This is a great way to stay inspired. We’re all creative beings and so don’t shy away from learning something new. You can even find ways to incorporate creativity into our lives whether it’s through crocheting, knitting, embroidery or even cooking. Go for it!

However, this can get a bit overwhelming at times. You can end up feeling as if you need to be on every platform and create every type of content! What you love doing the most can be done by you but brainstorm tasks that you can hand over to someone else.

Self-care tip #7- Be mindful and patient

Nothing is truly a waste of time if you allow yourself to be mindful and present.

Be patient with yourself. Always work on being better with each project. Remember nothing comes easy. There are no short cuts to attaining excellence at your craft, you have to put in the hours. Find a way to love those hours.

Valentine Mghoi | Mats by Vee

Self-care tips #8- Learn to let go

Last but not least is we have to learn to let go. I think this is one of the best self-care tips I can give you. It summaries everything rather nicely. Let go of things that are beyond your control, small insignificant things that often make you upset. There needs to be a balance in your life between being resilient, being open to change and learning to let go.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what your definition of success is- it never happens overnight. You don’t necessarily need to know what that second or third step should be either. Consequently, it’s that first step that will get you started.

Self-care tips for dealing with creator burnout packed with simple, practical ideas for when you need some TLC! Take some time for you #SelfCare #SelfCareTips #MindfulMaker #Mindfulness #MentalHealth

Did you enjoy learning some self-care tips? I’d love to hear from you about your biggest straggles or what you found most helpful!  Please share with me in the comment section below.

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