Voices by AGF, fighting period poverty one voice at a time

Voices by AGF is an online menstrual health campaign with the aim of normalizing conversations around periods #Craftivism #EndPeriodPoverty #PeriodPositive #WomensHealth #MenstruationMatters

Voices by AGF (short for Voices by the African Girl Foundation) is a menstrual health awareness campaign with the aim of eradicating period poverty.

AGF is an award winning non-profit working towards changing the conversations around menstruation as well as providing Menstrual Health Kits to school girls across Kenya. You can also read about the Menstrual Health Campaign we ran earlier this year, #YarnForMenstrualHealth on my blog and on LoveCrafts.

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Voices by AGF is an online menstrual health campaign with the aim of normalizing conversations around periods #Craftivism #EndPeriodPoverty #PeriodPositive #WomensHealth #MenstruationMatters

1. Why is the Voices by AGF necessary?

We’re launching a brand new campaign called “Voices by AGF” in October on AGF’s Instagram Page to further encourage open and honest conversations about periods and would love for you to be a guest! Yes you. We’re inviting crocheters, knitters, tailors, embroiders, and crafters as a whole to take part in the campaign. We believe most crafters values align with AGF’s mission to end the stigma and shame attached to menses.

This will be a virtual campaign mostly carried out through Instagram. Guests will have the option of taking over AGF’s Instagram account for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour to either post video content, Stories and/or live video updates


What is an Instagram takeover?

An Instagram takeover is the process of taking over someone else’s Instagram account (in this case, AGF’s Instagram account) temporarily and sharing content with their audience. Instagram takeovers are an incredible way for brands, individuals and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content.

These takeovers are not only going to be fun, but are also a great example of a 50/50 value exchange—a partnership that’s mutually and equally beneficial.

What does AGF hope to accomplish with the takeovers?

  1. Engage the community by providing value through your content.
  2. Increase brand awareness by driving social engagement for the takeovers.
  3. Promote open and honest conversations about menstruation through encouraging shares and participation from the community.

2. What is required of the guests of Voices by AGF?

This event will happen daily with a different guest everyday and will be hosted at your convenience. It’s a laid back campaign, so feel free to bring your WIPs, your significant other(s), kids and/or pets (…or plants?) if you’d like. You will be sharing content on AGF’s Instagram stories or doing an Insta Live.

Voices by AGF is an online menstrual health campaign with the aim of normalizing conversations around periods #Craftivism #EndPeriodPoverty #PeriodPositive #WomensHealth #MenstruationMatters

What should you talk about for the takeover?

  1. Introduce yourself- Who are you? What do you do? Where can we find you?
  2. Be creative, authentic, generous and most of all, have fun! You can take us behind-the scenes of your work, home or space. Don’t overthink it. Just talk to us.
  3. Menstrual health- What are you’re thoughts on it? Take us through your menstrual health journey. What do you wish someone had told you about periods? How does having (or not having) periods affect your life(positively or negatively).
  4. Interact with the audience- Is there something about menses you’ve always wanted to ask other people? Can they ask you something about yourself or your journey?
  5. CTA (Call-To-action)- Invite the audience to follow AGF, if they aren’t already. They can make donations through the link in AGF’s bio. Or you can pledge a percentage of your sales to AGF and encourage people to take advantage of that offer.
  6. To wrap up- Thank your host and audience for tuning in.
  7. Remind the audience- Post a thank you on your own social media platforms/channels. Remember to use #VoicesByAGF #AfricanGirlFoundation on all your posts related to the takeover. Others can use the hashtags as well when referring to the event.

3. Who can take part in the Voices by AGF?

I am a designer and crocheter, so I am inviting my fellow makers to share their stories with us. Menstruation touches everyone in one way or another. Whether you go through it or know someone who does. We ALL have an opinion to share and AGF has chosen to provide the platform for everyone to share their thoughts and opinions.

Who can take part?

It’s important to note that AGF’s platform is an inclusive space. We do not support or condone discrimination of any kind, whether gender, race or economic.

4. Where will the Voices by AGF be hosted?

On the African Girl Foundation Instagram Page- from the convenience of your fav spot. You can talk to us about yourself, take us around your space and share about your menstrual health journey, your views on the same or even a funny story. The list is endless really.

Voices by AGF is an online  menstrual health campaign with the aim of normalizing conversations around periods #Craftivism #EndPeriodPoverty #PeriodPositive #WomensHealth #MenstruationMatters

5. When is all this taking place?

The campaign officially launches on the 11th of October 2021– International Day of the Girl Child. We will be having a guest daily for the takeover for the entire month of October and partially through November and conclude on 20th of November 2021- World Children’s Day.

Due to our guests being from all over the globe, a standard time will be difficult to arrange. We ask that you get in touch with times that will be most convenient for you and we’ll strive to work with that. There is a sign up sheet for available dates as well. Shoot me a quick DM on Instagram and I’ll send the link your way.

6. How else can I take part in this campaign?

First off, if you would like to do a take over, get in touch with me, Morine at [email protected] with your thoughts, availability and/or suggestions. I’d love to chat more with you about this new venture.

Voices by AGF is an online menstrual health campaign with the aim of normalizing conversations around periods #Craftivism #EndPeriodPoverty #PeriodPositive #WomensHealth #MenstruationMatters

Secondly, I know a lot of you would love to take part but might not have the time or suffer from serious anxiety and social issues. That is totally understandable. There are, however, other ways you can take part:

  • Share about this campaign on your platforms and email list as well. You might not be able to take part but know/ or have access to others who’d love to.
  • AGF is always looking for volunteers! You can get in touch with the wonderful team at AGF at [email protected] if you feel you can offer anything else towards the campaign.
  • Donate. African Girl Foundation distributes Malaika Kits (reusable menstrual health kits) to school girls in Kenya. 1 kit goes for $10 and lasts 1 girl an entire year! Donation details:
    • For contributions via Pay Pal: PayPal Account Name: African Girl Foundation. Account Email is [email protected]
    • For M-Pesa contributions: Paybill Number: 748608 The Account Number is “AGFxyz” where xyz are the last digits of the donor’s telephone number.

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Voices by AGF is an online menstrual health campaign with the aim of normalizing conversations around periods #Craftivism #EndPeriodPoverty #PeriodPositive #WomensHealth #MenstruationMatters
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