Intarsia Crochet Cushion Covers- Pattern Release!

Intarsia Crochet Cushion Covers- Pattern by Morine's Shop

Hello! I bet you’re as excited as I am for the release of these crochet cushion covers! Finally! After a couple of setbacks, and a whole lot of late nights, they’re finally here.

Behind the names.

So, before we go too far, I’d like to introduce you to On the Spot and Brackets Crochet Cushion Covers. As you probably know by now, I’m not very good with names so I tend to stick to simple, easy to remember names that are derived from my patterns features. That, my friends, is how these two were named.

On the Spot Cushion Cover.
Brackets Cushion Cover.

About the Patterns.

These are intermediate level crochet patterns. If you’d like to try new technique then these are perfect for you. The patterns use intarsia crochet technique and if you’re new to this or would like to brush up on your knowledge then I would recommend reading through my Intarsia Crochet Tutorial Post.

On the Spot is 16″ square whereas Brackets is 14″ square. The patterns have an envelope enclosure at the back to allow for removal of the pillow insert and easy, stress free washing.

I’ve also provided a blank worksheet with the design outline. If you want to try out different colour combinations, just print it out and colour it in with your preferred colour combination.

Intarsia crochet cushion covers
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Inspiration for the Designs.

The On the Spot Cushion Cover was inspired by my sister. She saw a picture on Pinterest and asked me to make a cushion cover for her similar to the picture. As I was working on that design,  she desided that she wanted that to be the main one and complementary smaller size covers added and so the Brackets Cushions Covers came to be.

An Intarsia Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern by Morine's Shop


If you’d like a PDF version of these patterns, you can purchase a print-friendly version from my Ravelry, Etsy and LoveCrafts Shops. And you know what’s even more awesome? You can purchase then individually (in case you just want one or the other) or as a bundle (with a discount) so you can work on both of them! Awesome right?! I know.

Brackets Cushion Cover- an Intarsia Crochet Pattern by Morine's Shop

Please leave me a comment if you like this pattern. You can also add it to you’re Ravelry queue.

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