Heimlich the Bee- A Free Crochet Bee Pattern.

Heimlich the bee

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this crochet bee pattern with you! Heimlich the Bee is the first amigurumi pattern that I ever designed. It’s only fitting for it to be the first amigurumi pattern I share with you. At the time, I tried looking for a bee pattern in the specified size but I couldn’t find any so I decided to design one and I love how it turned out! Isn’t Heimlich just the cutest?

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Heimlich the bee is an easy crochet amigurumi pattern. This pattern works up really fast and is beginner friendly. #CrochetBee #BeeCrochet #FreeCrochetPattern #Amigurumi #HeimlichTheBee

Behind The Name.

I know you’re wondering how I came up with that name. At first, it was just called the crochet bee pattern but the more I made it, the more it started reminding me of Heimlich the Caterpillar from ‘A Bug’s Life’, the animated movie. Especially his tiny wings! “I am a cute little bumblebee! Here I come!” I started calling him Heimlich and the name just stuck. And it suits him so well, don’t you think? So, without further ado, here’s Heimlich the Bee’s Pattern.

Heimlich the bee

Crochet Heimlich the Bee Pattern.

This is a simple, beginner friendly amigurumi pattern. Only the wings require sewing and it’s also a great way to practice colour changes, increases and decreases. For this beautiful pattern, I used fingering weight acrylic yarn and plastic safety eyes. I recommend slowly stuffing as you go.


  • Fingering weight yarn in the colours yellow, black and white
  • 2.5mm crochet hook
  • 12mm safety eyes
  • Stuffing
  • Stitch marker
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

Stitches and terms used:

  • sc (single crochet)
  • inc (increase)
  • dec (decrease)
  • slst (slip stitch)


  • The pattern is worked in continuous rounds.
  • For colour changes, when working last stitch in old colour, work as typical single crochet until you have 2 loops left on your hook. Use the new colour to yarn over and pull through both loops.
  • When working colour changes, do not cut the old yarn. Simply drop the colour you are not using and pick it back up when you need it again in the following rows.
  • Finished Dimensions: approximately 3.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide


Start by making a magic circle and follow the tables below. If you have trouble making the magic circle, you can check out the tutorial here.

a.) Body.

RoundInstructionStitch Count
1 Yellow8 sc8
2(inc) 8 times16
3(sc, inc) 8 times24
4(2 sc, inc) 8 times32
5(3 sc, inc) 8 times40
6(4 sc, inc) 8 times48
7-1048 sc48
Insert safety eyes between rnds 5 and 6
11-14 Black48 sc48
15-19 Yellow48 sc48
20-23 Black48 sc48
24-25 Yellow48 sc48
26(4 sc, dec) 8 times40
27(3 sc, dec) 8 times32
28(2 sc, dec) 8 times24
29(sc, dec) 8 times16
30 Black(dec) 8 times8
31-328 sc8
33(dec) 4 times4
Fasten off and leave tail to further sew the stinger closed.
Side view of heimlich the bee
front view Heimlich the bee smiling
Top front view of heimlich the bee

b.) Wings ( Make 2)

RoundInstructionStitch Count
16 sc6
2(inc) 6 times12
3-712 sc12
Fold in half and work through both layers.
86 sc6
Fasten off, leaving a long tail.
Sew the wings to the body in the yellow stripe between the two black stripes.
Top view of wing mid crochet
Final ltop view of heimlich's wing
FInal look of the wing

And that’s it for Heimlich. All cute, and squishy and so awesome! He makes for an adorable addition to kids toys, decorating your space, a baby mobile and so much more! Also, a great gift!!… I’m going to stop now.

Until next post, BEE well.. and have a BEE-autiful day wink wink. (Where are the emojis on this thing……)

Heimlich the bee is an easy crochet amigurumi pattern. This pattern works up really fast and is beginner friendly. #CrochetBee #BeeCrochet #FreeCrochetPattern #Amigurumi #HeimlichTheBee

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Heimlich the bee is an easy crochet amigurumi pattern. This pattern works up really fast and is beginner friendly. #CrochetBee #BeeCrochet #FreeCrochetPattern #Amigurumi #HeimlichTheBee

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