Crochet Rainbow Bee- a Free Crochet Bee Pattern

Rainbow Bee is a free crochet bee pattern perfect for spring. It uses moss stitch to achieve beautiful colourwork through most of the body. #CrochetBee #BeePattern #CrochetBumblebee #CrochetAmigurumi #AmigurumiBee

I’ve been working on some versions of my original crochet bee pattern, Heimlich the Bee, for some time now. But a Crochet Rainbow Bee?? I know what most of you are thinking, “She should really cut it out with the bees now”. Well, before I do, I’ve got one more for you(I think). If you’re new here, you should also check out ZomBee who is all creepy Halloween goodness.

Rainbow Bee is a free crochet bee pattern perfect for spring. It uses moss stitch to achieve beautiful colourwork through most of the body. #CrochetBee #BeePattern #CrochetBumblebee #CrochetAmigurumi #AmigurumiBee

Find a printer-friendly PDF version of the Rainbow Bee in my RavelryLoveCrafts and Morine’s Shop Store as well. The PDF pattern is printer-friendly and ad-free.

Inspiration Behind Rainbow Bee.

I wanted this crochet bee to look as if it’s wearing a crochet sweater and I think we have a winner here. Being Kenyan, our weather patterns are vastly different than what most westerners are familiar with. However, when I think of the beginning of Spring, I compare it to the first days of the rain season here.

There’s something so magical about everything coming back to life, colorful flowers staring to bloom and the crisp air once it starts making an appearance. The tiny buds starting to pop? We’re here for it. Bumblebees and butterflies? Bring them on. If you’re all about the spring life then you should definitely also check out Heimlich the Bee!

Heimlich the bee

About This Crochet Bee.

Rainbow Bee uses moss stitch to achieve beautiful colourwork through most of the body which gives an illusion of the bee wearing a sweater. I’ve always loved moss stitch. After some experimenting, I’ve managed to use this technique on dozens of dolls and a couple of designs. Apart from Heimlich in Winter, The Magical Owl Keychain uses similar technique as well.

Magical Owl Keychain

For this pattern, I used 2.5 mm crochet hook and fingering weight acrylic yarn. If you want a bigger crochet bee, you can use thicker yarn with corresponding hook size.

Bring on spring blog hop.

The Crochet Rainbow Bee was featured in the Bring on Spring Blog Hop hosted by the awesome Ashley of Through the Loop Yarn Crafts on February 23rd. The Bring On Spring Blog Hop will run from February 1 to March 1, 2021. Each day a new pattern will be available as a free PDF download for 24 hours from 6:00 AM PST to 6:00 AM PST. Visit her blog for more crochet awesomeness.

Rainbow Bee Pattern.


  • Fingering weight yarn in the colours yellow, black, orange, red and purple
  • 2.5mm crochet hook
  • 12mm blue safety eyes
  • Stuffing
  • Stitch marker
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

Stitches & Terms Used:

  • sc- single crochet
  • inc- increase
  • dec- decrease
  • sl st- slip stitch
  • deep sc- deep single crochet
  • rpt- repeat


  • The pattern is worked in continuous rounds.
  • Deep sc is worked in the skipped sc of the previous rnd.
  • For colour changes, when working last stitch in old colour, work as typical single crochet until you have 2 loops left on your hook. Use the new colour to yarn over and pull through both loops. If you’ll still need the old colour, do not cut the old colour. Simply drop the colour you are not using and pick it back up when you need it again in the following rows.
Where to work deep sc
Where to work deep sc
  • Finished Dimensions: approximately 3.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide


1. Head- yellow & black

Follow as for Heimlich the Bee from Rnd 1Rnd 12

Insert eyes between rnds 5 & 6. Add eyelash detailing using black yarn. Make sure the beginning of your rnds is at the bottom.

2. Sweater- rainbow colours & grey

  • Front this point you’ll interchange between rainbow colours and grey.
  • The colour to use is indicated at the beginning of each rnd. Refer to the notes on how to make colour changes.
  • This is also the moss stitch & deep sc potion of the pattern
  • Fasten off each rainbow colour at the end of the rnd.

Rnd 13: red, (sc, ch 1, sk next st) 24 times (48 sts)

Colour change to red
Round 13 of crochet rainbow bee

Rnd 14: grey, (sc, deep sc in next st) 24 times (48 sts)

Colour change to grey

Rnd 15: orange rpt rnd 13

Join orange for round 15
Round 14 of crochet rainbow bee

Rnd 16: grey rpt rnd 14

Join grey for round 16
Round 16 of crochet rainbow bee
RoundColourRnd rpt
17neon yellow13
19neon green13
23hot pink13
Sweater on crochet rainbow bee

3. Bottom & stinger- yellow & black

Rnd 27-34: Follow as for Heimlich the Bee from Rnd 26- Rnd 33

Bottom & stinger of crochet rainbow bee

4. Wings (make 2)- white

Follow the wings instructions for Heimlich the Bee

Wings for rainbow bee

And there it is! A cute, squishy and colourful Crochet Rainbow Bee!

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Rainbow Bee is a free crochet bee pattern perfect for spring. It uses moss stitch to achieve beautiful colourwork through most of the body. #CrochetBee #BeePattern #CrochetBumblebee #CrochetAmigurumi #AmigurumiBee

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