Ever wondered how to crochet the Jasmine Stitch? This detailed crochet tutorial from Morine's Shop is definitely the way to go. #CrochetTutorial #JasmineStitch #CrochetStitches #ElegantCrochet #MorinesShop

How To Crochet The Jasmine Stitch

The Jasmine Stitch is a really gorgeous stitch that resembles jasmine flowers. No matter what yarn or hook size, the stitch still manages to look so elegant and divine! It might come off as daunting and like it uses a whole lot of complicated moves. However, if you’re familiar with the puff stitch, then the …

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Crochet Half Hexagon- A free tutorial by Morine's Shop

How To Crochet A Half Hexagon

So, you’ve crocheted your hexagons, joined them to make a blanket but it’s a bit too geometric for your taste. That’s where these crochet half hexagons come into play. You’ll notice that there are two sides of your blanket with shallow valleys and another two sided with really deep ones. This tutorial will teach you …

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